Iowa Wolves vs. Memphis Hustle at Wells Fargo Arena

Iowa Wolves vs. Memphis Hustle Tickets

Wells Fargo Arena | Des Moines, Iowa

It's the big game on Thursday 13th January 2022, and if you're a basketball fan this isn't to be missed…you guessed it Iowa Wolves vs. Memphis Hustle have a big show down! Are you ready? Showing in the magnificent Wells Fargo Arena, this January in Des Moines, Iowa…the biggest, baddest sports venue in the whole city! This is going to be the most exciting game of the winter, so makesure you're there! Tickets will be gone sooner than you can say SLAMDUNK! Ensure you get yours FAST, it's a fast process, just click the 'get tickets' link above, today, to be part of the action in 2022!

You're looking for a thrilling night of live sport this January? You've come to the right place! You heard about this seasons big bad games! If basketball is all you can think about morning, noon and night, then you'll be ecstatic to find out who's coming to town for a real showdown in winter, 2022! Thats right… Iowa Wolves vs. Memphis Hustle! And they're playing at the greatest sports venue in town, the unforgettable Wells Fargo Arena of Des Moines, Iowa, you couldn't be at a better place to see the big game! Reviewers say the food vendors are the best around or on the brilliant parking available so they're doing something correctly! Thursday 13th January 2022 is the big evening, that pretty much everybody you know has either been trash talking or been wildly excited about! This game is a pretty big deal for basketball fans like yourself, to secure your access to the BIG GAME, simply click 'get tickets right now!

Iowa Wolves vs. Memphis Hustle at Wells Fargo Arena

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