Monster Jam at Wells Fargo Arena

Monster Jam Tickets

Wells Fargo Arena - IA | Des Moines, Iowa

Monster Jam

One of the most electrifying motorsports series in the country and beyond - the iconic Monster Jam, is on full swing and it is time to arrive in Des Moines, Iowa in April. Join the action and feel the surge of energy as the top-professional drivers hit the race track to secure an unrivaled entertainment. The good news doesn’t end here, though. Each ticket holder will be offered a wide list of additional benefits that will make the event unmissable. The endless amounts of refreshments and snacks from the vendors, amazing sightlines, neat facilities and top customer service in the face of the friendly event staff are all just a small fraction of what you can find in Wells Fargo Arena! Secure your seat now and head down to the illustrious circuit on Sunday 14th April 2024 for this world-class entertainment.

Truck lovers unite and gear up because on Sunday 14th April 2024 you could join the fun at Monster Jam live at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. That’s right, you and a venue full of the premier truck fans in town can come out and see ROARING trucks compete for trophies and prizes. From sports utility vehicles to pickup trucks, there are plenty of second to none trucks to see! Each one souped up to the absolute peak performance that you won’t find at any truck dealer in town. Wait, there’s more! Because Monster Jam also has a incredible selection of side activities to keep you entertained while the judges do their job. Imagine being able to jam down the best in popular music while meeting new friends. Picture yourself chowing down on your choice of food and refreshing beverages from the best variety of food vendors and food trucks in Iowa! Let’s not mention the side games and attractions that are perfect for your kids. It’s the total package for fun and games this spring and may be the biggest truck show to come to town in 2024! You can’t afford to miss out! Tap the button below and book your tickets, so you can experience Monster Jam live at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa on Sunday 14th April 2024!

Monster Jam at Wells Fargo Arena - IA

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